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Faster Processor or More RAM has been the problem every time you are out to buy a new Smartphone.

But before you choose a Smartphone, it is extremely necessary for you to know the difference in between the two. Once  you are aware of how a processor differs from a RAM, you can easily pick up the best Smartphone which will meet your requirements.

While you are out shopping for a mobile phone people, you need to consider a lot of things before choosing a particular smartphone.

You need to necessarily know the importance of processor and RAM in a mobile phone to equate the best out of the lot. More than half of the populations who go out there to buy a Smartphone for themselves have no idea about the two.

Read on to know what are RAM and Processor and how they are an important factor while choosing a phone.

Importance of RAM function in mobile

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Android phones have a well- defined memory management system.

  • RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
  • The information written in RAM can be erased and written again.
  • When you download and install an app, the application gets stored on your ROM, which is the permanent storage forum of your phone.
  • However, when you make this same application work, the application is first transferred to your RAM and then it is being executed.
  • Hence the function of ram is to temporarily store the data.
  • Android will not remove the application from the memory so that you can recall it faster at any time you want. That’s how the ram work in mobile.

The processes that stay on RAM even after the closing are called background processes. The faster the RAM on your phone, the faster your application is executed.

Importance of use of processor in mobile

If you are wondering about what is the function of processor in mobile, then let me tell you the processor is the soul of your mobile phone. Old cell-phones just had a simple processor which was used to send and receive calls and messages.

These days the Smartphones are capable of doing almost everything which a computer can do. And that is simply because of the advanced processor present in your phone.

So, what is the use of processor in mobile?

  • The use of processor in mobile is to run in all the applications properly on your phone.
  • All the hardware and software interaction, keypad inputs and outputs etc are managed by it.

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Comparison in between RAM and processor

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RAM has got nothing to do with the performance of the processor. Smartphones processors come with different core arrangements, graphics handling units, RAMs, processors, all in one piece of chip.

Processors are basically used for carrying out calculations and low graphics tasks. RAMs are for loading the application into it.

The Final Words

Whenever we try to answer the ram vs processor speed smartphone queries, we must know that a trade-off is required; where the limit of use of ram in mobile is exchanged off for the nature of the processor so to get an ideal mix.

Both are equally important. Hence choose a Smartphone which possesses an integrated balance between the two.

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