Jiofi Detailed Review and Features Explained


A new 4G Mi-Fi device has been launched by the Reliance Jio at an affordable price of Rs 2899 only. By launching of Jio, Reliance also launches JioFi and along with this Jio 4G preview offer is also there with the device which allows the Jio users to enjoy the unlimited 4G data, messaging and HD calls anywhere.

By the Jiofi review, the device seems to be the best alternative of LYF 4G phones if you want to connect yourself and your friends with Wi-Fi. As by making hot spot by phone, you may also connect your friends with Wi-Fi’, but you can’t connect more than 10 devices. But by the help of Jiofi, you can connect up to 31 friends anytime and anywhere. The device has a 2300mAh battery by which it can run continuous up to 8 hours on 4G mode.

Phones which come with Jio sim seems to have a backup problem and to overcome from this problem, Reliance introduced Jiofi which is doing well for the people who want to enjoy 4G net without any hindrance. You can also make HD calls, send messages and enjoy downloading  by Jio join app from any of the android devices.

The device is available in two colors i.e. black and blue. The jiofi review says that both the colors look nice to the device. After unboxing the device, you find, Jiofi module, charger with a data cable, battery, power adapter, warranty paper and some documents relates FAQS.

Setup of Jiofi is also very simple. You just need to insert a Jio sim and battery. After that close the module by using black cover. Now, you only have to open the device and it detects the signals automatically to share 4G connections over Wi-Fi.

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Jiofi’s hardware is built up with high-quality materials which show sturdy performance. When you start the device, it gets heat up initially and after few minutes the heating problem didn’t see out. The design of the device also seems attractive and cool. LYF didn’t use cheap material to build up Jiofi device.


The device has a power button with four lights for notification. These lights show data transfer, signals, WPS indicators and Wi-Fi. The green light of the device shows that your device connects with good signals but it doesn’t mean that it possesses high-speed internet always.

Note: –  Jiofi can possess high-speed internet only if it is connected to Band 40 and if it is connected to this band, colors of signal lights don’t matter .


The device is so light in weight that it can be carried to any place. It is just 204 grams in weight. Its surface is little slippery but easy to handle anywhere and everywhere.


  • Jio 4G Mi-Fi.
  • It supports band from 3.5 to 40.
  • 31 devices can be connected at a time b y Wi-Fi.
  • Possesses wireless sharing.
  • SD card supported up to 32 GB.
  • 2300mAh battery.
  • Good battery backup up to 8 hours.
  • By using Jio join app, you can make HD calls (voice and video both) and message.
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