• What is KmsAuto?
  • Characteristics of Kms Auto Net
  • System requirements for KmsAuto Net Activator?
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KMSAuto Net: A full guide

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Microsoft is hands down the leading company in the field of technology. This company keeps on introducing changes in its products.

  • These changes are directed towards enhancing the performance of the Microsoft products.
  • These changes enable the users to enjoy the Microsoft products in a better manner and thus provide this updated software with an activation key.
  • It’s always a difficult task to look for an activation key online and to rescue you in such a situation,  Microsoft has derived a mechanism to help its loyal client by providing them with an open source option, where they can easily get activation key for their licensed Microsoft products.
  • Kms Auto Net is one of the activation services that help to activate the various licensed Microsoft products.

What is KmsAuto?

Microsoft key management server (KMS) is trusted open source service that offers software solution for any organization that wants to activate Microsoft product that is licensed.

The KMS acts as a reprieve for any organization. It has successfully eliminated the need to access individual PC in order to activate any Microsoft product.

The organization will have the opportunity to activate Microsoft products within their network using Kms.Auto. Kms gives room for automated activation usually for a period of 180 days.

Characteristics of KmsAuto:

  • This is an open software that can be used by all window users to access features of Microsoft edition they have downloaded.
  • The software is fully free to use, one has the full potential to unlock the new Microsoft edition he has without any hassle.
  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy in order to access KmsAuto.Net services.
  • Once you have downloaded the product it will work as long as your computer is still working. There is no feature expiry or activation required. It is a once in a lifetime affair.

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What are the system requirements for KmsAuto?Net Activator?

In order to install the software, you must ensure that

  • the Hard disk space has a space of more than 5MB
  • Your computer should have the administrative authority and the Net Framework 4 package.
  • If not then it is your responsibility to install it on your system.
  • Having satisfied those requirements, the software will run properly.

However, These requirements vary with one computer to the other.

For Windows 8(.1) pro:

Office 10/Visio/project; Windows server 2016

For Windows 8(.1) enterprise:

office 13/project/Visio; windows server 2012(r2) all version

For Windows 7:

office 16/project/Visio; windows server 2008

How do you download http://KmsAuto.Net Activator?

The downloaded version of this file comes as an archive. 

  • At first, you need to download the activator which is available at the official website.
  • Then use the password windows in order to unzip the activator after having downloaded it.
  • The extraction will take few minutes.
  • After it’s done you can run the KmsAuto Net.exe file.
  • After a successful launch, the activator will open and by clicking ‘ACTIVATION’ you can unlock your windows-Activate windows.
  • Activation will work effectively if the computer is restarted. The Administrative authorization is a must for the launch to initiate.

I hope you liked reading through KMS Auto Net: A full guide.

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