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A stroller is a modern-day transportation vehicle for a baby. Lightweight strollers are very convenient device designed to help young mothers. The lightweight strollers enable you to carry your baby anywhere. This way, you will never have to take your baby around all the time. You can quickly push around your stroller, and your baby will see the world along with you.

Strollers, over time, have become so much advanced. They have changed to adjust to your needs and make it more comfortable for your child. These days strollers come with individual recliner seats. They help your baby and also adjust with all the growing stages of your baby.
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A Good Stroller Should be:

  • A good lightweight stroller should be light and easy to carry.
  • It should fold into a compact size, which makes it easy for you to carry along with you.
  • It should be easy to push around
  • Along with being small, a lightweight stroller must offer most of the features that full-size strollers offer.
  • It should come with a significant amount of storage space.

Light Weight Stroller are your Best Choice. Why?

  • You can easily carry them everywhere.
  • They are as comfortable as a full-size stroller
  • You can fold them so that they turn into a compact structure.
  • They also offer a lot of storage space.
  • They are nowhere less in comparison to a full-size stroller. It is just that they are not as bulky as a full-size stroller.
  • They make it easy to push around your kid. Your baby will find it comfortable to move around in their light stroller. These baby strollers are designed to keep your baby comfortable.
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Benefits of having a Lightweight Stroller:

  • Lightweight strollers are as good as the full-size strollers. They offer all the benefits of a full-size baby stroller but do not cover that much space.
  • They are light and not heavy like those full-size strollers. Full-size strollers are difficult to push around. They may not work good on a rough surface. But a lightweight stroller for toddlers will. Being lightweight, they work better on a rough surface.
  • You can fold a lightweight stroller and can carry them with you. You cannot do that with a full-size stroller.

So according to me, a lightweight stroller is your best choice. They make it easier for you to travel with your baby. And also provide optimum comfort to your baby at all times.

Here is a list of some of the best lightweight baby strollers:

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The Summer Infant 3D light stroller is a durable and lightweight stroller for babies. With an absolute aluminum framework, Summer Infant baby stroller is the lightest weight baby stroller available in the market. The most striking feature about Summer Infant 3d stroller is that it in spite of its weight it has the features that you need in your toddler stroller. Summer infant stroller comes with a foldable frame. It is absolutely easy to fold, and it also travels friendly. Summer Infant Light Stroller has an additional feature keeping in mind the safety of your baby- Anti-shock breaks.

What do parents think?

Summer Infant Light Stroller has received a lot of positive response from parents. They love the extra-large storage space, the lightness, and the sturdiness of this baby stroller. Most parents say that it is incredibly easy to carry it on trips- it hardly takes up any space in the car. Even tall parents can easily use it. Parents love this baby stroller.

Why do I love This Stroller?

  • Light and easy- Summer Infant Light stroller comes with an absolute aluminum body. This makes it easy to fold and carry. It is designed in a way that it offers you maximum durability while being absolutely light. With Summer Infant Light Stroller, you can easily travel. It weights hardly 13lb.It is the best lightweight sttoller for travel.
  • Recliner Seats- Summer Infant Light Baby Stroller comes with easy to recline seats. They are extremely convenient when the baby needs an on the go diaper change or wants to take a nap.
  • It grows with your baby- The Summer Infant Light Stroller comes with three inbuilt height settings. So that it can grow with your baby, and in all the three sets you wouldn’t have to worry about the comfort of the baby.
  • Plenty of Storage Space- This baby stroller comes equipped with a lot of storage space so that you can storeextra-large diaper bags, purses, or anything else that you want to carry. There is always a place for everything. It can carry an extra load of over 10lbs. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Adjustable Canopy- The huge canopy provided with the Summer Infant Light Stroller will always protect your baby’s sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • Lightweight stroller yet sturdy.
  • Grows alongside your baby
  • More room for storage
  • Easily foldable and light to carry
  • Travel-friendly


  • You cannot steer it with one hand
  • There is no way to lock down the laydown positions

So, these are the few things that Summer Infant Light Stroller has to offer. If you are a busy mom and looking for something that would make traveling with your kid easy, you should go for this. It is the best lightweight baby stroller available.It is also the kind of stroller which you can carry with yourself. It is the best lightweight stroller for travel.

  • Baby Trend Rocket Stroller
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The Baby Trend Rocket Stroller is absolutely light and very compact when folded. This makes traveling easy with your baby. Along with being light and strong, Baby Trend Rocket Stroller comes with extra storage space and a huge canopy to provide shade to your baby.

What do parents think of Baby Trends Rocket Stroller?

This baby stroller has received mixed reaction from the parents. Some liked it; some found it satisfactory, and some didn’t find it up to the mark. But all parents agreed at the fact that this stroller was absolutely light and the perfect stroller for traveling. Some parents even took it on a cruise with them. This means that this stroller is very effective and compact. It hardly takes up any space.

Why do I love this stroller?

  • Comfort to your child- It has a huge canopy and a lot of comfort to offer. You baby will feel absolutely safe and comfortable inside The Baby Trend Rocket Stroller.
  • Things for your comfort- The Baby Trend Rocket Stroller comes equipped with two cup holders. You can use it to hold your coffee cup while you go out on a walk with your baby. It also offers a small pocket so that you can keep all the essentials close by.
  • Compact- It folds down in a compact manner and therefore is well suited for travel.It is the best lightweight stroller.
  • Safety first- It comes with a firm grip handle. It also has dual foot-activated parking breaks for all safety purposes. The Baby Trends Rocket Stroller has a 5-point harness as well.


  • Lightweight and compact.
  • It has a 5-point harness; dual foot-activated parking breaks and firm grip handle.
  • Large storage space
  • Cup holders and compact storage space for all essentials
  • Sturdy and easy to fold


  • It is not that tall. So, it will be uncomfortable for tall parents to use.
  • The wheels are a little too close, so you may trip while strolling.

Baby Trends Rocket Stroller is a lightweight stroller and also folds into a compact structure. It makes it easy to travel. It comes equipped with a lot of safety measures to keep you and your baby safe.

  • Chicco Liteway Stroller
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The Liteway Stroller does not only have an aluminum body, but it is also compact to fold. In addition to that, it has an automatic storage latch. It also offers you a carry handle so that you can easily carry it around. It is fun and simple, and the best fir for a travel program. It has an easily adjustable backrest. You can manage it using one hand alone.

What do parents think?

The Liteway Baby Stroller has received extremes of reactions. Some are in love with this stroller while there are some who hate it to the core. In reality, the stroller is good in all aspects, but in some ways, it has failed to reach the expectations of many parents. It has resulted in a disappointment for many, whereas there are others who have gone back to buying this same stroller for their second or third child.

Why do I love this stroller?

  • Grows with your child- This stroller comes with four inbuilt height adjustment settings. It helps your child adjust to the growth while also providing you the convenience to carry it around anywhere.
  • Canopy- The canopy provided by Liteway Stroller is not only adjustable but also removable. This makes it even more convenient to use. It also has a peek-a-boo, which makes it easy to protect your baby from the sun.
  • Safety- The Liteway Stroller offers rear wheel suspension and front swivels. This helps you have a smooth ride. The toe tap breaks present in the Liteway Stroller help you take control of the situation whenever needed. This stroller thinks about your baby’s safety first.
  • Convenient design- The Liteway Baby Stroller has padded handles for your convenience. It also has a cup holder and a small storage basket where you can store all your essentials.


  • Sturdy, light and comfortable
  • Convenient storage space
  • Adjustable height of the stroller. This means that you can use it for long.
  • Foot breaks make it easy to control. And rear-wheel suspensions make it easy to move around.
  • Awesome Sunshades


  • The shoulder straps are not permanently connected to the waist harness. This may seem like a problem for many parents who have older kids.
  • The entire stroller is detachable, which means that it is possible that this stroller is difficult to put together. It may happen that somethings may go missing if you are not careful enough.

Overall the stroller is a good choice. It takes into consideration the safety and comfort of your baby. And it changes with your baby.

  • Baby Jogger Stroller
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This is a special stroller designed to move easily on all sorts of terrain. This stroller is designed for those parents who are always inclined to taking the most unusual paths home. Baby Jogger Stroller can work on the roughest surfaces. It gives you the freedom to go anywhere.

What do parents think?

Baby Jogger is well received by the parents. People love it. It has hardly scored less than three stars on Amazon. Most of the parents have reviewed it with a 4 or 5 star. They absolutely love the stroller. And what is not to love? There are adjustable handles, a beautiful canopy, and the best thing is that it works on all terrains. In spite of all these lovely features, this stroller has been unpopular among some parents.

Why Do I love this stroller?

  • Quick-Fold Technology- This stroller is based on a quick fold technology, which makes it easy for you to fold the entire stroller with only one hand.
  • Easy Wash Seats- You can easily wash the dirty seats in your washing machine. Just put the setting delicate and throw in the seat. You can easily attach it back to your stroller once dry.
  • Canopy- Baby Jogger offers you a huge canopy, and it also has a peek-a-boo window.
  • Adjustable Handles- The handles are adjustable, which enables people of all heights to use them. It makes it convenient for you to use the Baby Jogger.


  • Lightweight stroller and sturdy
  • Easily foldswith one hand
  • Washable seats
  • Peek-a-boo canopy
  • Adjustable Handles


  • Seat doesn’t fit up to a fully erect position
  • The storage basket is difficult to access

Baby Jogger is a stroller for all locations and pathways. You can take it anywhere. And the best part is the adjustable handles and the quick-fold technology. If you want to take your baby on an adventure, better take it on the Baby Jogger!It is a lightweight stroller for toddlers.

  • Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultra Compact Stroller
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Maxi-Cosi stroller is designed to meet all your needs. You can take it almost anywhere with you- dining out, shopping, or even on vacation. It is light and convenient to use. And absolutely comfortable for your baby.

What do parents think about it?

This is the best lightweight baby stroller available in the market. Parents who have used it say that they absolutely love it and have given it a five-star rating. They love its massive storage space, and the smooth ride caused due to all suspension wheels. Some parents are a little disappointed by this stroller but not entirely unhappy. I guess this stroller has something to offer to everyone.

Why do I love this stroller?

  • Ultralight and compact- This stroller is light and easy to handle. It hardly weighs 14lbs. And it folds into a very compact structure, which makes it convenient to carry it anywhere with you.
  • Storage basket- The best feature about this Maxi-Cosi Lara Ultra Stroller is that it has a massive storage space. And on top of that, it is accessible from the back. So, you can easily store all your needed supplies and access it from the back as well.
  • Strength- This baby stroller is strong enough to carry babies up to 50lb weight.It is the best lightweight baby stroller.
  • The all-wheel suspension offers you a smooth ride.


  • Ultralight which makes sit easy to carry it almost anywhere.
  • Folds into a compact structure with one hand
  • Has a huge storage space which is accessible from the back as well
  • Strong enough to easily carry babies up to 50lb weight
  • It provides smoother rides.
  • Multipurpose reclining options


  • The recliner straps are not convenient at all
  • Some parents have found it a little tough to fold it with one hand.
  • It may be difficult to open

Maxi-Cosi stroller is the best baby stroller. It is light and compact. You can carry it anywhere with you.

  • Chicco Bravo Stroller
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Chicco Bravo Stroller is an exciting piece. It is small and in spite of that has all the features needed for the comfort of your baby. It is light, so it is very easy to carry almost anywhere.It is the best stroller for toddllers.

What do parents think about it?

This baby stroller is absolutely loved by parents, especially the foldable feature. The things that Chicco Bravo Stroller can be easily attached to your car seat is another popular feature among the parents. They love the vented canopy and the handles with cup holders.

Why do I love this baby stroller?

  • Foldability- The stroller easily folds into a small and compact structure. You can fold it using one hand, which makes it even more appealing. It fits perfectly in the trunk of your car, which makes it easy to carry it to all places.
  • Carry Handle- Chicco Bravo Stroller comes with a carry handle which makes it easier for you to carry it. You will never have to improvise on how to carry the stroller. Just use the handle, and it is all done.
  • The Chicco Bravo Stroller comes with an inbuilt feature which makes it easier for you to attach it to any KeyFit and Fit2 instant car seats.
  • Innovative Canopy- The canopy provided by Chicco Bravo stroller is extendable and is also vented – which makes it easy for air to flow. As a result, it will keep your baby cool and fresh.
  • Convenient handles- This stroller comes with an easy-grip handle. And along with this, there are two cup holder and a storage compartment. And extra precaution is taken with the storage compartment as it is provided with a zip.


  • Easy to carry with a handle
  • Folds into a compact structure.
  • You can attach it to your car seat easily.
  • Vented Canopy
  • Easy-grip Handle with cup holders


  • Nonadjustable footrests
  • Shades may unclip with use.

Chicco Bravo Stroller is an absolute pleasure. It is light to carry and comfortable for your baby. It is designed keeping in mind the comfort of your baby and yours as well. This is the best lightweight stroller that is built to meet all your needs.

  • Clutch Stroller by Delta
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It is an extremely lightweight baby stroller, and on top of that, it is folded down easily. It is very light, which makes it easy to carry. You can take it around anywhere with you, and it is best suited for travel.

What do parents think about this stroller?

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This stroller for babies is very popular among parents. Many parents have even claimed that this is the best baby stroller that they bought. Most of its features are quite appealing. The only problem that parents face is the quick fold up which may cause some harm to your fingers. If you learn how to fold this stroller, then you will not face inconvenience anymore.

Why do I love this stroller?

  • The best thing about this stroller is that it folds down in almost no time to a very small and compact structure. It is even smaller than a grocery bag.
  • Super light to carry around and best suited for travel
  • BabyBottle bag- The Clutch Stroller Baby delta comes with an insulated baby box which keeps the milk warm.
  • Compact storage case- It helps you keep all your essentials nearby.
  • Stroller Bag- It also has a bag for its own storage. So that you can easily carry it while going on a vacation.
  • Rain cover- The Clutch Stroller comes with a rain cover which protects your baby from the rain.
  • Safety harness- The Clutch Stroller comes with a five-point safety harness. It keeps the safety of your baby in mind.


  • Lightweight and folds into a compact structure. Easy to travel with
  • Insulated baby bottle bag
  • Rain cover to protect your baby
  • Compact carry case to keep your essentials close.
  • 5-point safety harness


  • Very quick at folding, which puts you at risk. You may snap a finger (Although I hope you don’t)
  • Unsatisfactory sunshade.

The most innovative and modern baby stroller is here. This is probably made for the modern-day moms, which who have a lot of work and cannot carry the heavy baby stroller around all the time. You can buy this and use it according to your need.

  • Jeep North Star Stroller
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The Jeep North Star Stroller offers you unmatched comfort, convenience, and safety. It is specially designed to keep your baby comfortable and also give you the convenience to travel. It is a lightweightbaby stroller which helps you travel anywhere with it.

What do parents think about Jeep North Star Stroller?

Jeep North Star Stroller is very popular among the parents. They are very impressed by its features, and as of now, many parents find it to be the best lightweight baby stroller for their kid. The most likable features are the child comfort, the coffee cup holders, and the three-point safety harness, although some parents are unhappy because they were expecting a 5-point harness.

Why do I love this baby stroller?

  • Mesh back- This stroller comes with a mesh back which maintains proper airflow. It keeps your baby comfortable at all times.
  • Padded seats- They provide extra comfort to your baby and make sure that he is safe and comfortable inside. It comes with headrest, footrest and calf support.
  • Canopy- The extra-large canopy protects your child from the harmful sun rays.
  • Safety- Jeep North Star Stroller comes with a three-point harness. It ensures that your baby is safe and sound.


  • Padded seats, headrest, armrest and footrest, and a Mesh back.
  • Three-point safety harness
  • Easy-grip handles. They are extra long which makes it convenient for tall people to handle it
  • Travel-friendly
  • Front-wheel swivel with a suspension system


  • Absence of 5-point harness
  • Assembling it may be an issue.

It is a great baby stroller with amazing features. It offers the best services. It lacks only in one are- 5-point harness. Ifyou are looking for something with a 5-point harness, then this is not for you. But if you are ready to work with a three-point harness, this is the best stroller available in the market.

  • Kolcraft Cloud Plus Light Stroller
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This is a full-size stroller which folds down into a compact form. It is light and comfy. And also, very easy to travel with. It hardly takes up any space. It also offers a large canopy and a lot of storage space.

What do parents think about this?

Parents love this stroller. It is comfortable and also very light. Parents that travel a lot find it very useful. The all-terrain safe wheels are a popular feature among parents.

Why do I love this stroller?

  • Ultra-lightweight Stroller– It is perfect for trips. Absolutely lightweight. It barely weighs up to 11.8lbs. It is compact and also provides all the features of a full-size stroller.
  • Reclining Seats- Multipurpose reclining seats help in keeping your baby comfortable at all times.
  • Smooth Ride- Kolcraft Cloud Plus Light Stroller comes equipped with all-terrain suitable wheels. It also has front suspension. This ensures that your baby has a smooth ride.
  • Three tiers extended canopy- It offers maximum sun protection as and when needed.


  • Easy one-hand fold design
  • Reclining seats
  • Works on all terrain and has front suspension wheels
  • Three-tier extended canopy
  • Extremely light, only 11.8lb


  • A cup holder is not placed properly
  • Shoulder straps are uncomfortable
  • Breaks are a little hard to apply

This is a good baby stroller that has a lot to offer. It keeps your needs in mind and also the comfort of your baby. It is also extremely light to carry.

  • Portable Folding Baby Stroller
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This baby stroller is light and compact. It is designed to fold easily. It has reclining seats which offer more comfort to the baby. It offers one-hand folding operation alongside 5-point harness.

What do parents think about it?

This stroller has been the best experience for many parents. They absolutely love it. It provides them the comfort to travel. This has received all five stars from parents.

Why do I love it?

  • Safety- This portable folding stroller comes with a 5-point harness. This provides extra stability and support to your kid.
  • Slim and foldable design- The stroller folds down to a very compact structure. This makes it easy to travel with. It does not take up much space, and it is very light to carry.
  • Breaks- The portable stroller keeps safety first and therefore, has been provided with dual safety breaks on the back wheel.
  • Aluminum frame- This makes it light and also sturdy at the same time.


  • Light and sturdy
  • Slim foldable design
  • Dual safety breaks
  • Foot breaks
  • Light and sturdy


  • Against what’s promised it fails to fit in the overhead bin.


  • Pocket Air All Terrain Stroller
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Pocket Air stroller is best suited for all-terrain. It makes things easy for your travel. It is designed to give you comfort and convenience. It is your perfect travel buddy.

What do parents think about it?

Parents have had mixed opinion about this baby stroller. Some seem to like it a lot, whereas others arenot a fan of it. It has shown average performance when it comes to popularity among parents.

Why do I love it?

  • Ultra-small- The stroller is very light and easy to carry. When folded it gets converted into handbag form. This makes it easy to place it in the overhead bins. It also makes traveling absolutely easy for you.
  • It is very light – just 4.5 kgs. You can carry it almost anywhere. It is designed to be light on any surface.
  • Breathable Mesh Framework- This allows constant air supply, which makes it more comfortable for your baby to sit in.


  • Reclining seats.
  • Handbag compact form
  • Ultralight, just 4.5kgs
  • Breathable Mesh
  • pTravel Friendly


  • May not be as sturdy as expected
  • Wheel locks may fail to work at times.

This baby stroller is travel-friendly, so it is of great benefit to modern working mothers. It also gives you the freedom to travel anywhere.

  • Graco Jetsetter Stroller
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It is the best lightweight stroller which is available to be used since the birth of your baby. Along with amazing features like being comfortable and sturdy, if also offers a one-hand foldable compact structure.

What do parents think about it?

Parents love this stroller. More because it grows with your child. It also offers a five-point harness. This feature is very attractive to parents.

Why does it love it?

  • Reclining seats- The Graco Jetsetter Stroller comes with a multipurpose reclining seat. This ensures more comfort to your baby.
  • Strength- The stroller is incredibly strong and can carry babies that weigh as heavy as 50lb.
  • Grows with your child- This stroller comes with an inherent setting which adjusts according to the growth of your baby.
  • Compact Structure- This stroller offers you a one-hand comfortable fold. It closes down to a compact structure, which makes it easy to carry.
  • Canopy- the canopy provides sun protection to your child.


  • Light and single hand foldable structure
  • Canopy to protect your child
  • Grows with your child
  • 5-point harness
  • Reclining seats


  • No peek-a-boo window
  • It does not fold flat

It is an amazing stroller that offers the best lightweight services. It also comes with a 5-point harness that makes it safer for your baby

  • Umbrella Stroller with Canopy
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It is a lightweight and durable stroller. It comes with adjustable handles, which makes it easy for parents to push around the stroller. It easily folds down to a compact structure.

What do parents think about it?

Umbrella Stroller has received much negative response from most of the parents. They are disappointed with the product and the false promises that have been made. They find it highly unsafe for their baby and also very difficult to handle.

Why do I love this stroller?

  • Compact structure- It is a simple design and folds down to a very compact structure.
  • Adjustable handles- This stroller comes with height adjustable handles, which makes it easy for parents of all heights to push around the stroller.
  • Comfort and safety- he stroller offers a comfortable firm grip. It also comes with a three-point harness. This ensures your child’s safety and comfort.
  • Assembly- it is easy to assemble the stroller. You just need to attach the front wheels, and it is done. It is that simple


  • Simple and foldable
  • Extremely light
  • Three-point harness
  • Adjustable handles
  • Firm grip handle


  • Some parents find it difficult to push around
  • It is not as durable as expected.

The Umbrella Stroller is not the best stroller available. There are many others that provide better services to you at a much lesser price.

  • Disney Baby Umbrella stroller. This cute baby stroller comes with a fun Disney canopy. This is very popular among the kids and the parents likely. Along with this, it is light to handle and easy to travel with.

What do parents think about it?

The stroller is designed in the perfect way, to meet all the expectations of a parent. Although Disney Baby Umbrella Stroller has been a disappointment to many, it has managed to secure an average score. Parents find it difficult to handle the stroller, and the baby finds it difficult to settle into the stroller.

Why do I love it?

  • Kid appealing- The fun Disney canopy is very attractive for kids. They find it very appealing
  • Three-point harness- This ensures the safety of your child.
  • Strength- It can carry babies up to a weight of 40lbs
  • Lightweight and compact design.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Disney canopy to attract kids
  • Strong. Can carry a baby up to 40lbs
  • Three-point harness


  • Small parts. This may cause a choking hazard.
  • Not suitable for tall kids

This is a nice stroller that has a lot to offer, but at the same time, it seems to be lacking in many places. It does not give your baby the comfort that is promised.

  • Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller
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Joovy brings you a twin Stroller. It can easily be used by parents who have twins or parents who just had a second baby. It comes with independent recliner seats so that it can give proper care to both your kids.

What do parents think about it?

Why do I love this stroller?

  • Strength- It can carry babiesup to the weight of 50lbs
  • Independent recliner seats to ensure comfort to your baby. It also offers a lot of legroom for your baby.
  • It is water and Stain-resistant fabric. This makes it easy to clean whenever needed.
  • It comes equipped with three cup holders.


  • In spite of being a twin stroller, it fits through doors and checkouts
  • It can accommodate both a small and a bigger child
  • Easy access storage basket and 3 cup holders
  • The canopy which provides sun protection. It comes with a peek-a-boo.
  • It has zipper Pockets to keep your stuff.


  • The seats do not recline in the best way
  • No place for a mommy organizer.

This stroller is best suited or twin mommies. They can accommodate your younger and older child. It is adjustable with reclining seats. Overall, it is a good choice for parents who have kids with a smaller age difference.

This was our list of the best light baby strollers available. They are light and fold down to a very convenient size. With these baby strollers, traveling has become easier. They give you the freedom to go anywhere and do anything.

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