Latest Horse News: Saila Hansraj, a four-and-a-half-year-old 5-foot-4-inch-long Malani breed, sold in the nearby Dudwa village to farmer Bhanwar Singh’s son Heerasingh Rajput, was sold for Rs 31 lakh. The horse has been bought by a Sirohi businessman.

Horse experts say that due to its strong height, length and beauty, it has been priced so much. The owner of the horse, Bhanvarsingh, said that when this horse was six months old, there was a continuous influx of buyers.

Everyday buyers used to come. However, when its age was six months, the buyers were ready to give nine lakh rupees. But due to the good stature and the beauty of the horse, the owner thought of keeping it with him.

Bhanwar Singh himself is a farmer and is fond of horse-rearing. They have about four-five horses. The young writer of the village, Deep Singh Dudhwa, says that the variety of Malani Ghodo is priceless.

Hansraj is also one of them. This is the bloodline of the horse named Dilbag (Poshna). His tall height and his elation give him a different identity. Areas associated with Sukdi and Jawai are their areas of origin. There are good numbers in Sayla, Raniwada and Bhinmal tehsils. These horses were taken and sold in Badmer’s famous Tilvada Pashupamela. Since then, she has been named Malani.

Being of an angry nature, they are taken care of like a family member. If this is not done, their nature often becomes fierce. They are followed in large numbers in other villages including Dudwa, Poshana, Akwa, Bavtara, Taliana, Jeevana, Sangana, Deeta of Sayla tehsil. Known for three years, Uttam Singh Rajput’s horse Chetak was sold for 31 lakhs.