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How To Play PUBG Offline

Hello, guys if you are one of those people who love to play PUBG mobile game but has limited internet package or a slow connection, then this article is for you.

Here I have given you a proper guide on how to Play PUBG mobile without using the internet. Also added some amazing tips and tricks which will help you master the art of PUBG Gameplay within seconds.

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What is PUBG?

PUBG mobile is very popular these days on both IOS and Android Platforms. For pubg mobile lite, play store has accounted for more than 50 million + downloads in the last year.

If you are also confused whether pubg mobile game is online or offline, then let me tell you that it is an online game but its new feature allows the players to play it offline as well.  And with that pubg offline mobile has become one of the best offline battleground games

However, a lot of people refrain to play PUBG online free due to numerous reasons, one of them being the high speed internet requirement of the game.

I hope you agree that nothing can hurt more than a slow internet connection or a limited internet package. Don’t you agree with me?

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However, Do not worry! Now you can play PUBG offline. Read this article to get to know how to get pubg game preview offline

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How to play PUBG offline?

Now, if you wish to play PUBG mobile without internet, follow the below-mentioned steps

Steps to follow to Play PUBG mobile offline

  • Firstly, ascertain that you are using the latest version of PUBG mobile game, as this trick of pubg mobile offline mode only works in the pubg mobile new update.
  • In this trick, make sure you are not using any pubg mobile mod apk as they are against the rules. Here we will learn how to pubg mobile offline play without internet so please switch off your internet connection.
  • Now as we are playing the PUBG mobile without any internet connection, we can only play it in the training mode.
  • Open PUBG game on your smartphone. You can also use this trick on pubg mobile for pc

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  • Now go to the match option in the match option you will find a training mode which is present at the extreme bottom of the screen
  • Click on the training mode
  • Having done that, you can now train in this mode and practise well. It will also help you to locate your best guns which will come handy in the multiplayer mode.

Now that you have followed each step correctly, you will surely be able to play PUBG MOBILE WITHOUT USING INTERNET. With this new feature PUBG has finally made its entry into the phone games you can play offline club.

5 Amazing PUBG tips and tricks to help you win your chicken dinner!

Some players have mastered the art of PUBG game-play, but the lack of some essential tips and tricks cost them their chicken dinner. Do not be one of them. Here follow the top 5 tips and tricks to increase your chances to get your chicken dinner.

  • Wear a proper Costume

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  • Many costume options are available for the PUBG players. Some of them are available for free while you need to buy the others. These costumes include hats, caps, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, paint, jeans, shoes, boots, and many other types of accessories.
  • Most of these costumes are very colorful. In such a scenario, some players think that they will look extremely dashing by wearing colorful costumes. But, they forget that such costume does make them easy prey to the other players.
  • Due to bright or shiny costume, the enemy can locate the player from far away. Therefore the player should wear such costumes wearing which he/she can easily hide in the jungle or even the desert.
  • Choose the firing mode correctly.

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Remember this golden mantra while playing PUBG

Auto-Mode: Close Range

Single-Mode: For both Range

  • If you play PUBG, you must know that auto-mode is an excellent option for shooting in the close range in the game, but if you fire on the auto mode in a distant field, then there is a maximum chance that your target will easily escape.
  • This is because the guns have recoiled in the auto mode. Because of the recoil, the gun is not stable at the time of firing and does not reach the target directly.
  • In this case, you should always keep changing the fire rate of your gun by examining the range of your shooting. Use of single-mode is the most effective combination for auto-mode and distant for nearby shooting range.
  • Easy Escape

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  • In this game, you can easily trace the sound of running. Hence, we will advise you to play the game with as much camouflage as possible, so that your enemy fails to detect your location or movements.
  • Fire only when your target or your entire team is on your target. There is a lot of work in the last few minutes of this game.
  • Do not use the car in the last minute of the game.

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  • It is a good idea to get comfortable inside the circle by driving in PUBG. But, using it all the time sometimes puts the player in trouble too. This often happens when you are at the last stop of the game, and all the remaining players are hidden inside the circle.
  • If you use a car in such a situation, then everyone gets the news of your arrival from the car’s door, and even your location gets disclosed to them.
  • Do not be the first one to reach the airdrop

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  • You must all be aware of the airdrop. Most players in the game run behind this box. The reason for this is the best robbery is found in the dropbox. Any team that first receives this drop in this form becomes the target of the other groups.
  • Our advice for you is that you should always stand a little away from the dropbox and first target the other team. When you feel that your way is clear to go, you should go to the box only after that.
  • If you are with your team, then only one player from the team should go to the box always, and the rest team should support and provide cover to that player.

Following these tips can increase your chances of chicken dinner in PUBG.

So, now you can play game like pubg offline and also win it easily.

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