Website by Wix: Is Wix The Best Website Builder? Step By Step Tutorial On How To Build A Website Using Wix


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 The 21st century has been evolved to be the century of the internet, online businesses, e-commerce, blogging, and applications. In this century blogging is a dream for many.

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There are many people who blog in different niches like food, fashion, health, travel and much more. In this era of blogging WIX has been proven as a revolutionary tool in the world of internet and blogging. People from every corner of the world are connecting themselves to Wix.

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What IS WIX?

Wix is an Israel based website building platform which was developed by a company by the name of Wix itself. It’s a multi-functioning platform which supports e-mail marketing, social plugins, online marketing, and e-commerce and contact forms on a website.

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Wix is becoming a great competitor for many other brands, which are website builders. We can develop a free website on Wix.

Sign up for the Wix, just like you sign up anywhere else with the help of your email address and password or you can log in via Facebook or Google.

Follow these 7 easy steps to build your website with WIX

  1. Choose a Type of website on Wix

Now, choose the kind of website, to start.

Begin by clicking on “I need a Site for ….”

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and then browse your options, depending upon the need of your business – Business, Online Store, Photography, Music, Designer, Restaurants, Hotels & Travel, Events, Portfolio & CV, Beauty & Wellness Or Blog.

2. Select a Template

Now you have to choose a template according to the option you had chosen above. You can serve through categories to choose the best template.

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3. Change your details

As you will choose any template you want to have, WIX will direct you to the preview of the template that you have chosen, where you are allowed to ‘edit’, ‘drop’, and ‘drag’ different details of that page.

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Here, the most important thing which you have to do is to update your business name, tagline, or the related text to your business which is required for the website.

4. Update Media

Content with graphical representation is the actual content!!

Over here, you can add photos and can change the background of your website and the sidebar as well.

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5. Add a Blog

You can choose the pages which you actually want to include on your website. You can add a blog to your website by adding the page element using the tools on your sidebar. Then you can manage your posts and add new content from the sidebar as well.

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6. Include Your Products

Include a Store Manager on the sidebar. If you are having an e-commerce site and want to sell out some products on it, you can use the section- sidebar to offer those products. You can also edit the things like payment, shipping/ deliverables, store setting etc. from here itself.

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7. Publish Your Site

When you are done with it and are happy with your work, just click on ‘Publish’.

And now you are done with your website building with Wix.

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Wix is completely free till the time, you want it for free, but if you require professional features like your ‘own domain name’, or ‘priority support’. The cheapest ad- plan with a domain costs $11 per month.

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The pricings of WIX are mentioned are follows

  • $0

Free. Where you can create a free website with WIX Ads. It doesn’t include your own domain.

  • $5

In this package, you can connect your own domain with WIX, including WIX Ads.

  • $11

Combo- It’s an ideal package for small businesses and professions. No ads are here, and there is plenty of storage.

  • $14

Unlimited- The Ideal case in which you need a lot of web space up to 10GB included.

  • $17

e-Commerce- It has all the best plans to create an online store including unlimited products.

  • $25

VIP- For the huge online store, for best VIP customer support.


So, WIX has excellent templates, it is extremely flexible, great in adding animations, it has a great app market and it has an automatic site backup and of course, these are the Pros of using WIX website builder.

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Hereby, WIX is an excellent platform with lots of Pros and almost no Cons. With Wix , you can definitely start your online business.

Good Luck!

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